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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Manu Armata - Surpass The Master

Hardcore is my favorite genre, so it comes as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoy Manu Armata's new 8-track album, Surpass The Master.  Manu Armata have replicated a straightforward, old school hardcore style and infused it with modern vitality and theatrical elements to create an album that reads like a statement to the modern world: love each other, for fuck's sake.

Despite obvious influence from the hardcore trailblazers of the mid-80's through 90's, Manu Armata incorporate some modern style in the vein of Incendiary and Stick To Your Guns through use of soundbytes and some minimalistic melodic focus.  There are a few gang vocals and Expire-inspired riffs to give it that fun, straightforward hardcore flavor that can open up a pit before a single chord is even played.  Thank God Manu Armata have the focus to create an album that doesn't wander far from its central point while at the same time having enough bits and pieces to make each track stand out amongst the rest.  Whether through soundbytes or the introduction of an engaging melody, Manu Armata know what they're doing and they refuse to let up for one moment to allow you to breathe.

Surpass The Master has a fresh flavor to it which pleasantly surprised me amidst the mundanity of sorting through myriads of promotional e-mails.  This is one of the few releases from my short reviewing career that has made its way on to my iPhone and will likely stay there for a long while.  Keep up the good work, gentlemen.

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