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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Discord Curse - Burnt Offerings

How cool it is to find a band that mixes atmosphere and straightforward deathcore together to create something that stands out amongst the myriad of bands piggybacking off of Suicide Silence?  REALLY fucking cool.  Being relative newbies in the deathcore scene (Hell, they've only been on Facebook since April 19th of this year), Discord Curse have come to our doorstep to bestow upon us a truly entertaining and refreshing EP.  Burnt Offerings, the band's freshman effort, showcases a maturity not quite expected from such an unknown, and young, outfit.

While it is, in parts, typical deathcore fare, Burnt Offerings has much more to put on the table than pig squeals over chuggy riffs.  There's a bit of djent here and there, which is more than welcome in the grand scheme of things due in part to its minimalistic approach.  Although some of the lyrics are rather childish, we do have to take into consideration that this is a pretty young band in the underground arena, and there are bound to be growing pains throughout their career.

The musical composition is surprisingly mature, with a focus on using influence from death metal and hardcore in conjunction rather than attempting an awkward fusion of the two.  This is especially apparent during Forsaken, where there is a somewhat slowed hardcore riff about halfway in that is quickly torn to pieces by a distinctly death metal riff layered over shredding double bass pedals.  This kind of switch-up shows that Discord Curse is not just a group of kids fucking around with their influences - they are a tightly focused unit that pride themselves on the progression of deathcore as a genre.

Burnt Offerings leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth, even if it is a bit bumpy at times.  The clean vocals used in the second and third tracks were sometimes painful to listen to, but ultimately only detracted a small amount from the EP's luster.  Though it is not my place to speak the future, I feel I can safely say that Discord Curse have a bright career ahead of them so long as they continue to innovate and challenge themselves to improve upon the already mildly impressive work they've done so far.

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