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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Testimony-The Beast That Prays

The Beast That Prays cover art

It's been a bit too long since I reviewed a proper thrash record, and Testimony seem to be the perfect cure to that problem. Their new EP The Beast That Prays is the kind of hard hitting and intricate thrash that reminds me what I love so much about the genre. These guys have managed to put together a record that can provoke pits the world over, but that definitely has something more. See, Testimony have managed to bring in a healthy dose of prog and tech death type elements, to literally jazz up their thrash attack and make them one of the more exciting bands on the scene.

Now that the rethrash bubble has burst the best bands have had a chance to rise to the top. The harsh delivery of this bands frontman along with the hectic riffing on songs like Suffer for Salvation proves to me at least that Testimony are certainly the cream of the crop. These songs are beautifully constructed and oftentimes multi layered productions that demonstrate a band who know exactly what they want to do and execute with perfection. This album is the perfect combination of fun and brainy, sure, you have your mosh parts and your big choruses, but have you heard that angular riffing? These guys are the real deal!

As you fall into the epic 8 minute plus closing track, also titled, The Beast That Prays it's easy to fall in love with the band. They have so many cool ideas, from epic introduction to crazy riffs. They will capture your heart, not just through their raw charisma, but also their unique and exciting take on what is often seen as a stagnant genre. They respect most of thrash's paradigms but they manage to toss in just enough interesting new material to create a record that is poignant and powerful and will have you bringing the mosh until the day is done. 

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