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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Edge of Haze - Illumine

Being in Germany last weekend, I stumbled upon the promo from Finland's Edge of Haze called Illumine which is their second album after releasing Mirage two years before. Since I am lately quite into the atmospheric metal, Edge of Haze is going to be a fine addition to my personal favorites. Here is why.

Songs like 'Urban Reverie' are songs that can completely dim the room and leave you no choice other than shut yourself out of doing anything else but to listen to it. The song is full with melody and emotion and hits the sensitive snare exactly where it needs to hit. While the album starts a bit on the rougher side than you would expect for an atmospheric metal band, 'Urban Reverie' creates the peace needed to start again. The dynamic between the soft 'Urban Reverie' and 'Crush' is good to get you out of the slumber and back into the headbanging.

However the song is full with melodic and emotional songs, this proven once more by the interlude '3:30 A.M.' that fades into the follow-up song 'Into The Red Sun'. The songs sometimes have a resemblance with Opeth and Katatonia and seeing that the band was inspired by these amazing bands, it is safe to say that they nailed by taking the best out of them and making it their own. The songs are both calm and rough and sound well balanced between the two. If they would come in my neighborhood, I would definitely buy a ticket to see them. So, I love it, give me some more Edge of Haze.

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