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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aevangelist-Writhes in the Murk

I, like many of my metal brethren, get a certain delicious kick out of music that is gloriously evil, music that seems to touch onto something darker and much more wonderfully grim within all of us. Aevangelist are the kind of band who rage forth in a way that few of their peers can compare too, because there is something incredibly dark about this groups music who almost no one else can touch on. The songs on this record reek of putrefaction and seem to come from a sort of Lovecraftian pit, the sort of place where people go and are never heard from again. In other words Writhes in the Murk is a triumphant listen.

The pure evil embodied on songs like The Only Grave speaks to the almost spiritual power of this record. These guys are broiling through music that is not only heavy and chaotic, but at times borderline terrifying. I mean, there is a point where this band seem to simply break off into unholy ramblings, raging and raping across the land until you are left a broken shell of a man trying to find your own place in this twisted universe. It's simply that good. The songs on this album will shock and horrify you at times, even if you're a jaded old metaller, Aevangelist have simply tapped into a much deeper darkness. This record is never fully defined, with touches of saxophone complimenting death metal parts, and black metal elements impacted by New Age musical ideas.

This is an album that will leave you gasping for air. It has that wondrous oppressive heaviness that leaves you feeling as if you are about to be crushed by a ton of bricks. There is no true escape from the misery once you have fallen into the dark and dank pit that is Writhes in the Murk. Once you have been touched by the vile sounds of this record you are forever scarred and I like it that way. This album overwhelms the senses and leaves you enthralled with the beautifully bitter darkness of a record you will have a hard time getting over. So dive on in and feel the pure evil, this is what metal should be about.

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