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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hatefulmurder-No Peace

So first off, before really plunge into this review, lets take a moment to admire this bands name. Hatefulmurder have essentially reached the logical conclusion of awesome metal band names, and like their music, it reflects the power and glory of those who came before, but still brings something new. See, what makes Hatefulmurder's new record No Peace so interesting is that it seems to find no trouble fusing thrashy death metal with more bombastic elements that are reminiscent of bands like Iron Maiden. In other words, they've got something truly special.

Once the album really gets going, it's fun to feel the kind of infectious grooves that dominate the music. These tracks all have a wonderful drive to them that keeps them exciting and fun for the duration. The harsh vocal lines are best when they touch on that searing Phil Anselmo sound. The tight production on No Peace allows it to ram straight into your eardrums, super compressed and filled with a sort of very poignant and in fact almost frightening hatred. Yet there are some interesting bits of padding here and there with female vocals and synths occasionally giving the songs an epic touch. This nicely compliments powerful blasts and speaks to Hatefulmurders ability to fuse seemingly disparate metal genres.

Simply put, Hatefulmurder get what the glory of thrash metal is all about and as they gallop forth into glory ride, you have to take a moment to reflect on this. These Brazilian thrashers understand what the genre is about and when they come and rip your throat out with songs like Gates of Despair, you have to honor their ability to put together something that is truly special. So come on over and dive into the pit, Hatefulmurder get the beauty of thrash, but bring in enough exciting extra stuff to keep you going for days. This is heavy metal, and it is good.

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