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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nitrogods-Rats and Rumours

There is not enough straight up Motorhead worship these days. Not enough bands can properly emulate the triumphant rage of one of the greatest bands in rock and roll. Perhaps its better that way, it means that when a band like Nitrogods comes around, a group who really hit the nail on the head and get what gritty rock should be all about, it's truly special. But don't get me wrong, there is far more to this band than just Motorheads influence. In fact, the touches of Thin Lizzy and bits of celtic music actually help to make Rats and Rumours extremely memorable. 

Part of what makes these Germans so special is that they've all been deeply involved in this music for years. Nitrogods has ex members of Thunderhead and Primal Fear. This lends a certain legitimacy to these songs, showing that Nitrogods aren't just another group of young punks trying to rip off the greats. These guys know what they're on about and that's just a part of what makes them so special. The fun loving and dirty lyrics on tracks like Damn Right (They Call it Rock and Roll) show a dedication to the genre that's actually kind of beautiful. Nitrogods understand the core concepts of rock and roll far better than most of their peers and thus they triumph. 

So sure they haven't put out a lot of material yet, but Nitrogods have proved to me at least that they are able to emulate the old masters. Their unique take on powerful rock formulas has created something that could be fatal to the flesh of the weak. As is, if you want to jive to fun solos and jam to hard hitting grooves, Nitrogods are metal with a bop. You can bounce around to the undying magic of a group who have dedicated themselves to honoring their musical ancestors, men who very well may never die but instead grow stronger and more powerful with every passing year.

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