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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Huldra-Black Tides

Huldra are an exciting Salt Lake City act who fit into the whole rapidly burgeoning Neurosis derived field of experimental metal. Yet these guys do in a way that is wholly exciting and new. Their is a very ambient vibe to this music that allows you to fall in to it and find a sort of glorious healing vibe. This is heavy metal that will restore you, with every droning, roaring moment you find yourself deeper into a rabbit hole of true metal brilliance. This goes beyond what you'd demand of a metal band, because Huldra go beyond metal and touches the soul.

The format of this record is pretty interesting, four long form songs are split in half by a cool little ambient track entitled The Sky Split Wide Open which features some haunting female vocals and a violin. It speaks to the incredible range of emotions that you have on this record. From unholy screams, to surprisingly peaceful, and occasionally even joyful moments, you can find yourself in the music on Black Tides. There is something wholly mesmerizing about the longer tracks, in particular the album closer He Was Compelled To Turn Westward Out Of Some Misplaced Sense Of Hope. As you find yourself wandering through the closing moments of these soundscapes you start to feel like you have found something greater, the kind of primal relief that only comes from truly human music.

Dig into the glorious void of Black Tides and find ascension. Through dark growls and incredible guitar lines Huldra are able to touch the soul. One thing I haven't touched on nearly enough though is the spectacular bass playing. The bass shines through the mix and provides a nice additional layer to the soundscape which is often defined by a high register synth. This is the sort of album that will touch your soul and help to seal up scars, and isn't that essentially the goal of most music?  Put this album on and lose yourself in the vibes, you won't regret it. 

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