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Friday, September 26, 2014

Nader Sadek-The Malefic: Chapter III

Nader Sadek is one of the most unique bands in death metal. A multimedia project run by a man of the same name, I saw these guys in Paris during their one (And to this point only) tour. Their superstar lineup and stellar songwriting is more than enough to keep fans entranced. The new record The Malefic: Chapter III is truly special. Though only four songs long I feel like it sees the band covering a lot of artistic ground and expanding their musical palette beyond conventional death metal ideas. As the last chapter of one of the most fascinating and groundbreaking bands I have ever heard this record is, if nothing else, triumphant.

There is a lot of really cool stuff going on throught The Malefic: Chapter III and the fact that it is a concept record makes it even better. There are some truly magnificent moments of death metal mastery that dominate tracks like Carrion Whispers. The mix of 80s and 90s death metal with more traditional black metal ideas creates something that is strangely mesmerizing. On the one hand you have riffs that are almost meditative in nature, and on the other, you get ripping solos and pit inspiring blast beats. With stellar production and a wonderfully stark concept behind the whole thing it's impossible not love the bastard noise of this record.

As the final riffs kick in, you start to get a sense of closing. Nader Sadek has always been meant to be a fairly limited project, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to miss them and their masterfully crafted music. Nader Sadek understand the true spirit of metal and bring it blazing to the fore. Toss in shockingly smart lyrics and you have to genuflect before the glorious inverted cross which this band seem beholden too. Join the horde and enter Tartarus, The Malefic: Chapter III is calling your name and wants your blood!

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