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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inter Arma-The Cavern

I first found out about Inter Armas planned "Long song" back in April in an interview with TJ Childers. Considering that Sky Burial was one of my favorite records of 2013, I've been heavily anticipating this record. So now we have it, at long last, The Cavern, an epic that proves the eternal might of doom. This song is a shifting and powerful piece of music that has all sorts of unique parts and ideas allowing for music that will capture your mind and hold it hostage as you explore the glorious soundscapes of this album. Not a song to be taken lightly, Inter Arma have been able to carry on to the next level with a piece of music I will not soon forget.

Note though, The Cavern is distinctly different from anything the band has ever done. It has some of the giant riffs that have characterized Inter Arma in the past, but there are a lot more traditional sounding ideas on this record. While it is still clearly an Inter Arma song, it has a slightly different vibe which has provoked me to spin it a few extra times so I can properly get a handle on what it is all about. Digging into this record is a treat and there are all sorts of unique twists and turns to be found. Perhaps one of the most exciting moments is when Dorthia Cottrel from Windhand comes in and provides her haunting melodies which ride on top of some stellar riffs.

In conclusion, The Cavern is much more than just a song, and not just because of its length. Their is an entire state of mind, and almost a way of life that you can fall in too, driven simply by the beauty and the magic of this one song. Feeling the new and exciting grooves the band has crafted with this release is truly interesting and shows that nothing is beyond these guys now. Inter Arma are simply ascending, step by step into the throne that is rightfully theirs. Simply put, if you don't like The Cavern you just might not like heavy metal, and that would be a very sad thing indeed.

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