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Friday, September 12, 2014

Nightbringer-Ego Dominus Tuus

It's Friday afternoon, you know what that means! Time for some unholy destructive black metal from the crypt! In all seriousness, Nightbringer are a stellar European sounding black metal act from Colorado who have musical roots that trace back to Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. Their new record is epic and powerful, the kind of unrelenting black metal which gives us the ultimate freedom that we all crave. Their new record Ego Dominus Tuus is the sort of annihilating black metal that is epic and powerful, true release for all followers of the night.

Asides from being an incredibly long-running record, Ego Dominus Tuus has some of Nightbringers most epic compositions to date. The harsh vocals slot in nicely on top of some very well organized synthesizer work which leaves me on the floor grasping for more. This is the kind triumphant black metal the world needs more of, roaring out of a deeper place within all of us. These songs speak to a much darker and deeper human truth, one that it takes a long time to become fully aware of. It also shows us that this band are on top of their game, crafting pieces that are going to engage the listener, time after time.

Though this release might seem like a slog at first, once you come to the closing bars of the albums final track, The Otherness of Being, you start to get a sense of completion. Nightbringer have been able to make something that draws you in and holds you a captive, a musical slave to the triumph of pure symphonic black metal. Ego Dominus Tuus is one of the most engaging records I have heard this year and its wealth of twists and turns should keep you going for days. So dig in to the unholy pit and find your own path.

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