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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jodee-After the Hurricane

I know this isn't a site for pop, folk rock or indie music, but sometimes I get a submission that's just so darn good I can't really ignore it. That's the case with todays review, the new EP from Jodee, entitled After the Hurricane. With powerful and oftentimes haunting vocals, Jodee has found a spot in my heart as more than just a gifted musician but also a veritable force. There is a very human beauty to her music that speaks to the power of those who came before and those who will come after. Jodee touches on the very humanity within all of us and allows us to find peace.

I think the appeal of Jodee for me is that her voice is very distinct. It's beautiful and powerful, but not overdone. It may be the focal point of the music, but I wouldn't accuse her of trying to dominate the sound, instead she soars over top of it providing touching melodies. The use of dynamics to allow engaging crescendos on tracks like Emerald City shows her ability as a songwriter. Meanwhile the solid keyboards always seem to help bring her music to a new level. It's a pleasure to latch on to her voice and really dig in to what she's all about. Jodee understands the power of music as a healing force and seems to want to drive that home.

So sure, my perception of the After the Hurricane EP might be a bit romantic, but this is seriously some top notch stuff. This is the kind of girl who has the potential to be a mega-star. Oftentimes haunting and always touching I'm excited to see what the future has for a musician with this much promise. Already starting to make a name for herself I expect this Pennsylvania girl to take the pop world by storm. With beautifully layered soundscapes and a great sense of what she wants to do as well as how to do it, Jodee is a true musical princess.

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