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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pig Destroyer-Mass & Volume

Pig Destroyer have long held a special place in my heart due to their utter mastery of both sides of the metal spectrum. Their ultimate proof that they can play doom as well as they can grind is found in this very record, Mass & Volume. Originally recorded in 2007, this record is still fresh. Despite the doom bubble that we have been blessed with since then, Mass & Volume still stands tall as one of the great doom records of the millenium and proves that Pig Destroyer can really do anything they set their mind too. Demented and beautiful, this is true metal.

This record is ultimately all about the grooves, crushing every bone in your body with a bottom end that is truly intimidating. The shrieks here are wretched, uncouth, and glorious. Mass & Volume is exactly that, gigantic meaty riffs best heard at maximum volume. Pig Destroyer give no mercy to the weak, and as you feel the waves of sound wash over you it's hard to find any form of solace. Though Mass, the albums first track, takes a while to get going, it's certainly worth it, and by the end of Volume you have come full circle, baptized in noise. This is not a record for the faint of heart and it will certainly take a couple spins to 'get' but it is most certainly worth it.

In the end, this is what doom really should be all about, demented and wretched fun that will keep you on the edge of your seat, unable to find your way forward. This record has a certain suffocating heaviness to it that makes it incredibly memorable. Mass & Volume is a rewarding listen, an album to keep any fan excited and begging for more. As you let it drag you down to hell, you have to realize, this is what metal is all about, riffs that shock you back to life. Though it's only two songs long, this is one of the greatest doom metal statements of the millennium.

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