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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tungsten-The Reservoir

Powerful progressive metal that ties together the sounds of bands like Thin Lizzy with that of Opeth. Now that is something I want to listen too. Tungsten are the kind of band who have a very clear sound and direction and execute with aplomb. From the dream introduction to the nifty hidden track, the bands debut record The Reservoir is 54 minutes of highly entertaining progressive metal madness. Incredibly tight and fun to listen too, these guys have done something very special with their first record, hinting at great things to come from these Philadelphia natives.

One of the things that strikes me the most after the songwriting is the unique vocal lines. The bands singer, Titi Musick has a great sense of melody, but is not afraid to let her voice slip into pools of searing madness. The soaring keyboard lines provide some excellent padding to the sound, it keeps the tracks full sounding and allows for the guitars to step back. The guitar solos are rarely flashy, but more typically more oriented towards emotion and strong songwriting. That being said, with The Reservoir there is no way to mistake Tungsten for cut-rate musicians, these guys know how to craft some stellar songs that you aren't going to soon forget. 

As you enter the twisted realm of The Reservoir it's easy to fall in love with Tungsten. These guys don't mess around, and like I said, they are clearly top notch musicians. Feel the vibes of a band who seem dedicated to rocking, but also have excellent chops. There is something very distinct about the Tungsten sound and it will stay with you for days on end. Simply put, Tungsten is the real deal and have the potential to be the next big thing in prog. They are fulfilling a niche far too few bands touch on, and this allows them to stand tall and reign triumphant. 

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