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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Faults

Patients EP cover art

Another crazy day of college life has me running around trying to get all the shit I need to get done, done, but I still have to take time to bring you guys the goods. Today, we have The Faults a fun and punchy rock band reminiscent of the White Stripes and their ilk. A delicious duet who really know how to write some fun rock songs, The Faults are proof that this kind of music can not only succeed but also still rage in 2014. The band have a great sense of how to mix old and new, with bluesy ideas fitting in nicely with riffs that could have come from a Strokes song. The Faults are more than just another rock band, they are speaking to the pure and primal power of the genre. Their sound is surprisingly polished from a two piece, and this actually helps to keep them fairly distinct. I think a rawer guitar might take away from the simple beauty that a lot of these songs possess. Simply put, it is hard to find fault in The Faults and I get the impression that they will rock on righteously for years to come.

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