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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weedeater-Sixteen Tons

Another day, another top notch reissue from one of my favorite labels. This week we have Sixteen Tons from Weedeater, an album that embodies the groove laden glory of this band. From top to bottom, Sixteen Tons has some of the best riffs I've heard on any metal record. This is the kind of thing that sacrifices all of the other bullshit that could dominate a record and puts it all below the riff. The triumphant curing power of songs like the album opener, Bull, prove that Weedeater deserve their place in metal history. This is a record that speaks to the power of a destructive bottom end.

What Sixteen Tons helped me to remember was how god damn influential Weedeater has been over the years. It's impossible to list all of the bands who have basically stolen their entire schtick from Weedeater, but somehow, that's okay. Perhaps it's because the music on Sixteen Tons is substantially better than that of any of their imitators. In fact, even from the first couple of notes you can tell that this is more than just grimy stoner metal, but something much more, something that transcends so many of the common boundaries that we might say limit the genre. There is a glorious sense of Southern pride here that is brought to the fore with a touch of evil, allowing the whole thing to really shine.

In closing, if you want the kind of riff-tastic stoner-riffic music that you deserve, buy this vinyl. Season of Mist have once again proved that their are some terrific records that still need to get more exposure, and this is certainly one of them. As you feel the colossal vibes and infectious grooves of a band who seem dedicated to hash, you start to get a sense for the Southern triumph. Weedeater are going to smash your head in with riffs that will groove you to death. So dive on in and hit the bowl, this is a stoner metal classic, and it should never be forgotten.

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