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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Battleaxe - Power From The Universe

I've always loved reviewing re-issues, especially of fairly obscure records, thus Battleaxe's masterpiece, Power From The Universe is basically perfect for me. Twelve tracks of hard hitting New Wave of British Heavy Metal madness, Power From The Universe is nothing if not fun to listen to. Songs written by a group of guys clearly enamored with the power that the genre had at the time, Power From The Universe is cheesy, but in a good way. Still it's hard to believe classics like Metal Rock and Radio Thunder came out the same year as the first Mantas demos.

These songs are a lot of fun to listen too and seem to come more the Judas Priest-y side of things. There is a distinct sense of Midlands pride and this band shows a strong affinity for a lot of the other bands who were coming up at the time. I think Battleaxe specifically are good at getting in big anthemic choruses with powerful hooks. Some of these songs even had me singing along from the first go. In today's world of throwback bands and tribute albums I think that a hidden gem like this will get a lot of traction, these guys were doing it alongside the best back in the day and that gives their music a million times more legitimacy than any modern imitators.

If you want a collection of feel good metal anthems that will make you shake rattle and roll until you drop then search no more, this is the album for you. Power From The Universe is a blast to listen too and will have you banging your head for hours on end. These songs are brilliantly constructed and speak to the ancient magic of that demonic force called rock and roll. Let these songs seep into your bones, because if Power From The Universe doesn't tickle your fancy enough to give it an honest spin or two then you might as well be deaf.

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