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Friday, October 31, 2014

Death Comes Pale

Crushing death metal off of the almighty Deepsend Records, Death Comes Pale is the kind of blasphemy that only Scandinavian bands can reliably produce. These songs are grim and unholy, odes to the crushing power that this kind of music truly deserves to have on the souls of the meek. With sick growls and punishing blasts, Death Comes Pale is the pinnacle of what modern death metal can be, fast, violent, and surprisingly intelligent. These guys have some truly interesting lyrics, and someone in the band has clearly read some very interesting stuff. Unholy and cruel, Death Comes Pale is a band with a clear artistic direction and with a clear mission, they are only going deeper into the void from here. Their music is very exciting, especially for a genre that is so stagnant. While they pay tribute to the classic death metal maxims they are not afraid to push a few boundaries and get something that is a joy to listen to. Make no mistake, Death Comes Pale are going to smash your face in and bleed you dry, so dive into the pit and let these unholy vibes consume your soul.

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