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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution

Techdeath darlings Beyond Creation are back with their sophomore release, and be wary dear reader, there is no slump. Beyond Creation are blasting forward with tracks that none of their peers can match, there's a reason these guys are pretty much today's premier techdeath act. See, I think ultimately what makes Earthborn Evolution special is that it is satisfying. In a world with oodles of boring technical death metal, this record stands out because it really grabs the listener and shows a unique way forward.

One thing that immediately struck me about Earthborn Evolution was the way the grooves, while often off-beat give a certain sense of stability. Sure, the rolling rhythms heard from the first in Elusive Psychological Reverence are really frikkin hard to play, but they also simply sound good. There is something distinctly enjoyable about the songwriting on this record, this is far more than just another soulless technical death metal album. Beyond Creation are doing something with depth and creativity, not just crapping out whatever filth comes to mind. Earthborn Evolution is clearly a labour of love, built up over long months of writing and touring.

This is an album that doesn't let up, that is interesting and memorable from start to finish. The riffs here are incredibly tasty and the bass playing is a true highlight. More than just neckbeard metal, Beyond Creation are possibly even transcending what mere technical death metal can be and finding their own new frontiers. Up there with the new release from Archspire as tech death album of the year it seems more apparent to me than ever that Beyond Creation deserve to be taking the world by storm. This is technical death metal as it should be, and by Thor is it good.

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