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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cavalera Conspiracy - Pandemonium

Cavalera Conspiracy is at this point arguably more representative of Sepultura than the current Sepultura lineup, and seeing as Sepultura are kind of legendary, a new Cavalera Conspiracy record is kind of a big deal. There is a wonderful sense of groove and all sorts of technical playing that dominate this latest offering from Cavalera Conspiracy and it shows us that these guys still have a lot to say and are not afraid of uncovering new ground. Thrashy and wild, Pandemonium may very well be the best Cavalera Conspiracy record yet!

I think one of the things that always impresses me most about this band is how god damn ANGRY Max can still sound. There is a delicious sense of evil to Pandemonium that infects the grooves and makes the thrashiest moments even tastier. At its basis a thrash record, Pandemonium pays tribute the maxims of the genre, but pushes them all to the brim. This is a band who are playing fast and tight thrash metal that few of their peers can really emulate. To me at least, this record proves that Cavalera Conspiracy are far more than just a band with a few big names attached. In fact, these guys are tearing apart new listeners with the same ferocity they did when these brothers started the madness 30 years ago.

It's kind of beautiful when you realize that Max and Iggor have been doing this for a period spanning 4 decades. The thing is, Pandemonium is still very relevant and if a new metal band put this record out today, I think that folks would be freaking out over it. These guys are having fun and playing lightning fast music that will engage the listener for many a listen. This record is a joy to listen too and shows us the eternal might that the Cavalera family will have in the metal world. So dive in and let the music take control, this is the Cavalera Conspiracy and it's coming for you!

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