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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soul Glo, Bleach Bath, Bandit, Backslider, Noisem and Magrudergrind at the Lava Space in Philly

Last night was one that shall go down in infamy as one of those triumphant underground shows that reminds us all why we love this crazy music so goddamn much. Organized by my good friend Jack, this show at the Lava Space saw the venue absolutely packed to the gills with bodies flying all around. All six bands that played were extremely tight and I think just by looking at the poster you can tell that the lineup was stacked. This is not the kind of thing that you easily forget, no, this is heavy music at its finest.

Soul Glo were up first and after a quick speech about respecting others as well as the venue they tore into a ferocious and very tasty set. They have a distinct approach to hardcore with bits that actually felt a little black metal to me. Their set was fairly short, but the level of energy the brought forth was admirable. These guys know how to get people going and they were way too much fun to watch. Grooving and slamming for their brief play time these guys clearly know what they want to do, and the way that they seemed ready to throw down at any moment truly reflected the spirit of hardcore. If you're in the area and you get the chance, this is probably a band you're going to want to check out.

Up next was Bleach Bath, and these guys definitely put on something that was very unique, memorable and special. Using lots of cool noises and effects along with riffs that seem to drive their way into your skull, Bleach Bath know how to put together a tight and quite effective performance. These guys are aware that a lot of what they do is frightening and demented drek, and that's kind of the point. The fact that the singer wears a balaclava on stage only adds to the kind of twisted beauty of their music (Can it even be called music?) They are doing something unique and in a world this complacent that's exactly what we need.

The third band to play was Bandit, and by god were they satisfying. I had first seen them last week when I booked them on a show in West Chester. Back then they slayed, and this time they were playing to a much bigger crowd and seemed capable of pulling together something even more special. Long story short: they did. Culminating in a circle pit and a guy having to be pulled out of the pit due to an injury these guys brought the mosh harder than any of the other bands before them, and by god it was fun. People crashed through walls, hardcore dancers picked up change, and the metal dudes windmilled their hearts out. Bandit know how to put on a show, and not one you will soon forget.

Backslider came on after Bandit and played some straight up hardcore that got bodies moving and excited for the two headliners. These guys know how to put on a tight show and I really liked the singers ability to simply tear the front row apart simply with his lungs. These guys also have a bit of a bombastic side to them making their show even more fun. In particular, their bassist seems unafraid to righteously rock, holding his bass forth like a true master of his craft, and in a way he is. Simply put, the guys in Backslider are gradually becoming local legends, and tight shows like this are the reason for it.

The penultimate band was Noisem, and by god did they slay. I haven't moshed that hard to a band I cared that much about in far too long. There set was about half an hour long and they simply tour it up. These guys know exactly what they are doing because even though they're all very young, they've played hundreds upon hundreds of shows. They play with a demonic energy, every member of the band giving their own unique personality to the music. This was only their third show with the bands new bassist Billy, Tyler's (The bands singer) brother, and I can already tell he'll fit in fine. Noisem get it and ultimately that's all that matters.

Margudergrind were the final band to play and their set was simply incredible. Though they only played for a measly twenty minutes they were extremely fun to watch and kept me moving throughout. I think one of the highlights of the whole thing was an old man in an automatic chair rolling up to the front of the set to enjoy the sound of liberation. People were going crazy for this band, but they were careful to show him the respect he deserves. Magrudergrind embody the might of the scene, a willingness to play shows in a tiny room booked by a 16 year old, this is the kind of humility that makes hardcore great, and proves the majesty of Magrudergrind.

In the end the cops showed up because there was 'a large crowd' (No shit there was a show) and people had to make off fairly quickly. But that doesn't change the fact that this night was incredibly successful and satisfying on all levels. With far too many people cramped into a tiny space the energy was incredible, fans of all ages were going crazy and people were doing a veritable dance of death. So go forth, check out these bands if you can, it was a hell of a night and it will be a long while before this area sees a better bill than this.

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