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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Brainy and intricate technical death metal that could very well be from outer space. That more or less describes the strange oftentimes twisted beauty of the new record from Emeth, Aethyr. The pinnacle of squirrelly tech death these songs still have an undeniable sense of groove to them and seem to rush forward with the rage of a boar. Precise and incredibly intricate, Aethyr is not a record that is going to easily disappoint. There are a lot of very exciting ideas going down on this album, and unveiling them all is quite the musical journey.

Right away, the angular riffing that defines this record is apparent. On top of that, you have the mile a minute growls which are delivered with an Altars of Madness level of insanity. The trippy guitar lines and hyper technical breaks are a lot of fun to listen too. Sure they might not be the easiest thing to latch on too, but they provide a welcome relief from the crushing attack of some of these riffs. The Cattle Decapitation influence is clear, and on songs like the self titled track Aethyr you can feel the razors edge of these riffs digging its way into your flesh. This is what true death metal is about, unholy skull crunching insanity.

As the grooves tattoo their way into your head, its hard not to love this album. Sure, it doesn't break a whole lot of new ground, but by god is it a strong record. The melodic content is top notch and the songs are all the perfect length. The occasional uses of sampling doesn't sound overdone and the pinch harmonics add a grim flavor to the entire affair. So prepare yourself for the drubbing of a life time, Aethyr is opening up the pit, and if you're not right in the middle of it getting down and dirty you might as well leave the hall.

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