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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scream Maker - Livin' In The Past

Polish heavy metal that has a clear veneration for greats like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Already I'm stoked. Toss in cover art done by a guy who worked with Judas Priest and a stellar keyboard solo by Jordan Rudess and you start to get a sense for the incredible glory that is this bands sound. Scream Maker may have named their record Livin' In The Past but the sound feels like a modern metal machine. The old gods are honored, but their is something distinctly forward thinking about the powerful attack of this band.

Scream Maker immediately burst into your eardrums with In The Nest of Serpents which is the kind of Priest-inspired song which makes this band great. They have a great sense of the riff and they have their own very distinct ideas on how to construct some top notch ones. The high octane vocal lines have drawn me deep into the sound. Simpy put, these guys are a lot of fun to listen too, they're doing stuff that makes you want to move your body, shake, rattle and roll, all in honor of the rock gods who came before. As the crunch of these songs winds its way through your body you get a snse that true heavy metal will never die and we can always honor those fundamental riffs that define all of our lives.

In closing, I'm just going to say this. These are the kind of riffs you can get behind and really dig into. Scream Maker is the fundamental music of our race of metalheads, hell, they even have a song entitled Metalheads which closes out the record in grand style. So let these riffs seep into your flesh and honor the power of those who came before. Remember, if it weren't for this we might as well be dead, and records like this give us reason to live. With tons of ripping solos and ferocious vocals this is a modern classic!

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