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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Descent Into Putridity cover art

There is a certain perverse pleasure that I get out of primitive death metal, and it seems like Horrified understand that and revel in it. Their music is demented an decayed, and it will wind a twisted path into your heart. The riffs here are played at a million miles an hour and then suddenly slow down in a stunning display of old school death metal songwriting. The grooves on their new record Descent Into Putridity feel like they could have been created in the late 80's. The vocal lines share this sense of defiled glory, they have the Asphyx like quality of feeling as if they are being physically torn out of the bands singer. He roars above the music like some sort of dying beast searching for a way out of Earthly hell he has found himself in. Despite the blazing speed of the riffs, Horrified create some songs that are truly memorable. While they may not have 'hooks' per say, there are definitely parts you can almost sing along too. Horrified are building on a canon of older and more powerful music and I think that these guys can truly expand on music that many thought was perfected twenty five years ago.

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