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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Blue Van - Illusion

It's not often that I review singles on here, perhaps because I feel that in many ways they are a kind of lost art. Yet The Blue Van seem to get what a single is about. Sure it's self contained and tasty, but it hints at great things to come from the albums deep cuts. With stellar production and a catchy melody, it has everything a single traditionally should have. Yet the layers of music here leave you craving for more. Sure this song is satisfying, but can you possibly imagine having ten more like it? That is what makes The Blue Van's new track Illusion so special. It is the kind of thing that says, "Hey, you think I'm cool? Wait until you see my friends!" Ultimately I think what really impresses me about this song is that it is infinitely replayable, but not just because it's catchy. It's a truly interesting piece of music that speaks to what this band is capable of doing and makes me very excited to check out more. So as I sit in wait for the bands record to come out, what can I do, other than spin Illusion again, and again...and again.

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