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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Manfred Kidd

I'm more used to reviewing Gothenburg metal than Gothenburg indie, but y'know, sometimes something cool will find its way into my inbox and I have to review it no matter what. Manfred Kidd is that 'something cool'. There is something deliciously romantic about Manfred Kidd, the fact that the two guys in this band were childhood friends who had lost contact before bumping into each other in the midnight train is just beautiful to me. With stellar production and lots of cool layers in the music, the debut single from Manfred Kidd, Lights, is the kind of thing that millions of indie kids the world over will raise their lighters too. Its 'the sort of triumphant anthem of youth that can truly resonate with the listener at some specific crucial moment in their life and leave them with an everlasting memory. It's easy to get lost in the beautiful sounds of Manfred Kidd and it's hard not to want more. These guys can do big things, I just get on my knees and pray that they get the promotion and recognition they so apparently deserve.

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