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Monday, October 13, 2014

Erazer - L'ocean Des Ames

The French scene has really never been stronger, there's lots of good new bands and tons of cool new records to check out. One of the most intricate releases of 2014 has to be Erazer's latest effort L'ocean Des Ames (which translates too "The Ocean of Souls") This record fuses a variety of genres into a technical death metal inspired medley that is not afraid to change atmospheres and vibes on a dime. It makes for some very interesting listening and will leave many fans of exotic and extravagant metal begging these Frenchmen for more.

I think the thing that really got me going on this band wasn't the stellar riffs or the cool melodic solo lines, but the occasional use of cleans. These guys are not afraid to once in a while bring in some big epic bass vocals that help to provide a lot of harmonic interest to the sound. In fact, I would go so far as to compare it to one of my all time favorite bands, Wood of Yypres. Yet, these guys cross genres too much to truly be compared to those guys, in fact, the truly unique nature of the Erazer sound allows them to essentially defy genres. In the course of one song you can hear parts that seem doomy and then others that have a distinct deathcore vibe. And that's what makes this record so goddamn cool.

As you try to understand what Erazer is all about you are certainly going to be taken on a veritable musical journey. They do it all on L'ocean Des Ames and the real question is keeping up with the bands breakneck pace. This is definitely a release that takes a few spins to understand, and they aren't going to be easy ones at first. Yet as you get a better comprehension of what these guys are all about it's hard not to love them. So dip yourself in to the perhaps frighteningly unique sound this band has and enjoy every distinct aspect to the fullest.

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