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Friday, October 17, 2014

Obituary - Inked In Blood

Getting 'inked' is a classic coming of age rite in the metal community, as is first getting into Obituary. Perhaps it's appropriate then that the Florida death metal pioneers fuse the two in their latest offering, the almighty and unholy Inked In Blood. There is a delicious sense of groove about Inked In Blood that allows it to groove in a way that few of their peers can. Obituary understand what death metal is all about, because they y'know helped create it. Their is a delicious sense of evil to this album that will keep the metal faithful moshing along for years to come.

I think perhaps what makes this record so immediately tasty is the wonderful sense of groove that permeates the entire thing. There is a very palatable sense of forward motion on Inked In Blood that makes it a very fun listening experience throughout. The fact of the matter is that once you start it's hard to stop. Mid tempo crushers like the self titled track, Inked In Blood, might not immediately rip your face off, but by god are they addictive. Old school fans don't worry though, there is more than enough of the thrashier stuff to satisfy, in particular the track Violence stands out as a mid album highlight.

So let these twisted and gloriously unholy grooves wind their way into your heart. Inked In Blood shows that Obituary have continued to mature slowly developing their sound into something exciting and quite clearly triumphant. The unholy crush of these songs is not something you should underestimate, it is incredibly satisfying and shows us the band has quite the future ahead of them. So let this album slowly consume your soul, Inked In Blood has all of the demented magic that made Obituary so good in the first place, so why not dive into the pit and crack some skulls?

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