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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saille - Eldritch

Eldritch, is the third full-length by Saille, an Epic Black Metal sextet from Belgium. This conceptual album draws inspiration from the classics of horror literature, including  Dagon one of my favorite tales by H.P. Lovecraft. If you are a fan of video games, think of the soundtrack of Castlevania on satanic steroids. The group is very skilled at producing both maddening and depressing atmospheres, guiding the listener through the horrors created by the human mind.

Emerald opens the album exploding in blast beats, phantasmagoric keyboards, powerful guitar lines, and dynamic vocals, in contrast with slow, more acoustic bridges. Walpurgis, the second track, brings similar ideas with drier textures. The Great God Pan follows with more powerful guitar and vocal lines. The first two minutes (and the other interludes) remind me of Epica's Facade Of Reality, without the female vocals.  Aklo brings more of the same concepts, with the addition of a great guitar solo, plus really interesting chanting. Cold War, the next track, builds up the tension for the melancholic Eater Of Worlds. Red Death comes just to reinforce the atmosphere. Dagon conjures forgotten ancient terrors from the pits of Earth. Finally, Carcosa closes the album with more melancholy and rage.

Saille has done another great job. The tracks bring more and more interesting elements each, and Klas Blomgren's mixing and editing has really brought out the nuances of this beautifully orchestrated work.

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