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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Hallowed Catharsis

The Uncanny Valley cover art

The Hallowed Catharsis is a skull crunching death metal band who have no qualms delivering harsh riffs to innocent ears. Despite low quality production, their new EP The Uncanny Valley is the sort of album that hints at great things to come. While essentially a death metal group the band uses a lot of prog elements. Most notably they have some completely mindblowing bass lines which add a really great sense of depth to the entire album. They combine a variety of styles and it usually works out in their favor. There is something distinctly refreshing about this band and their highly technical instrumental passages. There are moments you can get lost in, and then moments which seem made for tearing heads off in the pit. In other words, The Hallowed Catharsis provide a little bit of everything for the kind of soul cleansing heavy metal destruction that saves us from the rapidly encroaching darkness that may one day consume all of our souls. So just enjoy the triumph of a band with a distinct vision and let the music wash into your heart.

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  1. THC kills get it? for real though this band kinda rules innit