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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Elabrynth cover art
Every once in a while I stunble across a band and I'm like, "How are these guys not well known by now?" Such is the case with Arkansas doom lords Torii. An esoteric two piece that seems to create transcendent and oftentimes beautiful doom with ease, Torii have a wonderfully clear artistic vision. The songs on the bands latest record, Elabrynth are often long and winding, glorious paeans to the almighty power that doom metal rightfully holds over us. I think a part of the appeal for me is the bands ability to mix magical acoustic sections with crunchy doom parts. While I personally prefer the acoustic bits the heavier portions help to create a sense of balance and show that Torii is not some one dimensional melancholic act. These songs speak to the human condition and have come forth from a land that seems to be producing some very cool music these days. If you're at all into what is heavy, bleak, and magically esoteric, then Torii is the band for you!

Find them on Bandcamp!

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