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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Laika - Somnia

Laika are a death metal band with a bass heavy sound that barrels fast and loose through your speakers and out onto the floor. A fun listen, these guys are not going to stop kicking ass and taking names anytime soon. The magic of their new record, Somnia is that it seems to be unafraid of taking all the aspects of what a death metal record should be and putting them into one nine track record that will resonate with any death metal fan. Sure the production may be off and some of the growls spotty, but Laika seem to have found a formula, and in fact a whole mindset that works for them.

The thing about Somnia is that while it might not blow your mind with new ideas, every riff is innately satisfying. The band pulls off tight chugs as well as more high powered technical parts all in the context of songs that work. The touches of keyboards that accent songs like Predictions (Tide Bearer) help to give the sound a nice amount of padding to keep things from getting too terrifyingly brutal. One thing I like about the growls is that despite a clear penchant for the more death metally side of things, the bands singer is does not shy away from the occasional Immortal inspired grunt, or high pitched shriek that seems tor from the pits of hell.

Somnia is an album with a lot of energy and passion behind it that makes it simply fun to listen too. Though it's not quite as polished as it could be, a lot of those imperfections help to make the sound more poignant and human. This record proves that the band have no issue with songwriting and know how to use every instrument to its maximum potential. The thudding bass on Somnia is just one example of this, keeping you engaged from start to finish. Laika have the potential to grow fast and draw a lot of fans. The real question is, will you hold on for the ride?

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