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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weed is Weed - Blunt Force Trauma

Let's get this over with right from the start. This record is hilarious and yes, weed is a main lyrical theme here. In other words, it falls very much in the stoner metal canon. But let me tell you, these THC soaked riffs are far to much fun to listen too, and they show us that there is something more to weed than just a fun high. The music on Blunt Force Trauma can only be described as dank, a quality that only the very best stoner metal bands can really aspire to. This band is impressive, exciting, and always manage to make me crack a smile.

I think a part of what makes this record so good is that you can feel the legitimacy behind the music. The musicians on this record have played in bands like Spirit Caravan, Pentagram, and Earthride. In other words, the dudes in this band know what they're doing. As the riffs on songs like Big Green Patch kick in, it's easy to see where these dudes came from. They invoke a very special aura here, it's almost like the Romantic idea of a tone poem, except y'know, with weed. The largely Sabbath oriented riffs on this record often retread old ground, but that's what makes them satisfying. And the band truly does have their own unique flavor, brought on by what is probably a cumulative century of pot smoke and hash oil.

At the end of the day, what I'm trying to say is that Weed is Weed know how to write some stoner metal that sticks to your soul. These are the kind of riffs that define the genre and the gritty vocals provide a layer of crust that I think few can ignore. Grimy and stinking of the magic leaf, Blunt Force Trauma is not an album you quickly forget. There is something gloriously stoner-riffic about this record that puts it a cut above its peers. While you don't have to light one up to fully enjoy this album, it seems to me that it just might help.

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