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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Alunah-Awakening The Forest

What is the riff anyway? And why is it so important to us? Whatever the answers to those questions may be, Alunah certainly understand the fundamental significance of it. Their doomy guitar driven sound is laden with excellent guitar solos and enhanced with female vocals which ride the storm. With Awakening the Forest Alunah create a very intense and interesting vibe, one that sort of gets at the beauty of the human condition and will leave you begging for more. This album is in a word, entrancing, its mystic beauty often goes beyond mere words.

I think what essentially allows this record to be so much fun is the top notch songwriting. Be it in the driving riffs that define the record, or in epic acoustic introductions (Like in the albums final track The Summerland) Alunah engage the listener. Another plus that makes me slightly biased towards them is the vocal work. The bands frontwoman reminds me quite a bit of the singer of my favorite modern doom band, Rebecca Vernon of Subrosa. There is a very primal power to it that transcends her talent as a singer, ample as it may be. This is the kind of album that reminds me what is so important about doom metal. It strips back the frills of modern metal madness and gives us an essential core that we can latch on too and love.

There is something extremely comforting about Awakening the Forest. It touches on deeper and darker sounds than many of us might be comfortable facing, and for me these riffs go beyond mere notes on a guitar. Awakening the Forest has some of the most purely satisfying vibes that you could ask for from a doom record and that is what makes it a definitive release. These guys have it all, and hopefully the brilliance of this album can launch them on a US tour soon. As the record comes to a close I can only close my eyes and dream of the glory that is to come.

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