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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zodiac - Sonic Child

My friends I stand before you with a record that is true, passionate, and pure, most of all though, it is honest. Sonic Child is the kind of intensely personal record that entire movements can form around. These guys have a very clear artistic direction, and though sonically it might be kind of far from the modern rock and roll revival, the spirit seems to be there. Simply put, Zodiac are getting at what makes them tick, and this really allows the band to create music that is a unique and personal experience. Sure these songs may not have sick riffs or brutal parts, but they sure do speak to me.

Through its ten tracks, Sonic Child take you on a veritable musical adventure. They go all over the place, taking pride in the distinct beauty of their sound. As the gentle solo of a track like Rock Bottom Blues kicks in you can fully grasp what this record is all about. The music may not be super technical but it is superbly arranged. The songwriting has been perfected to the point that the entire vibe of the album just works. It makes sense though, Zodiac are starting to have a bit of a discography and their development as musicians is remarkable. Sonic Child is the sound of four guys who have fully matured and have a fresh and exciting vision, now its just a question of pure understanding.

Zodiac are going to whisk you away on the wings of an angel. Their sound is perhaps only comparable to someone like Steven Wilson, its the sort of consuming sensory experience that only the greatest musicians can create. Zodiac open up an incredible sonic landscape and its simply impossible to fully traverse and explore it with a few listens. Yet, that being said, you can still love it, and know you love it after just one spin, or hell even just one song. It's simply that unique. And with an album this good, all you gotta ask is, what do I have to lose?

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