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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Adimiron - Timelapse

My introduction to Adimiron actually came when I saw them opening for Death Angel almost a year ago. I remember being impressed by their live set, but thinking that they had the potential to do so much more. Well guess what, they did it. Timelapse is an exciting and dynamic record that proves this band have what it takes to be true metal greats. They've been chipping away at it for years and now they've put out a record that will crush your soul. An innovative take on extreme metal, Adimiron seem poised to take on the globe.

The songs on this record are fabulously constructed with more than a few prog elements. There is a wonderful sense of chaos that fuels the entire album. As you get deeper into the mystical layers that define this record it's increasingly easy to get lost. Timelapse has a lot of growls, but it is defined by powerful brassy cleans that ring out and capture the heart. Whispered sections add a wonderful intensity, especially to the climactic final track Ayahuasca. The entire record though shows Adimiron moving away from their more death metal oriented roots and into a world that is much more epic and in many ways reminiscent of acts like The Atlas Moth.

Timelapse will capture your imagination and definitively shows that ten years into their career Adimiron seem poised to make some of their best music yet. These tracks aren't always easy to follow, and frankly that's the beauty of it. As the band grows more cerebral I think they become more comfortable with the destructive power of what they can really do. These guys seem to have a much better understanding of what they want to do now, and I get the impression soon all will kneel before their mastery.

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