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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Heathen Collective

The Heathen Collective is a tight groove metal act from New Zealand. I know the scene over their is rather small, so it's cool to see a band doing something exciting. What differentiates this band is their willingness to accentuate the traditional groove metal ideas with frills that might not make sense at first, I'm especially looking at the synth parts that occasionally come in to fill out the sound and the borderline experimental guitar passages that accentuate certain tracks. My only real complaint is that the production is a bit raw, but even that only accentuates the sound and helps to make The Heathen Collective sound a bit more legitimate. They seem to be rapidly evolving and have enough exciting ideas to keep going for years. As they get access to better recording equipment, and perhaps incorporate more keys, I think that they will become a veritable metal juggernaut.  This is what groove metal should be all about, dirty vocals and engaging riffs, go forth and jam it!

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