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Monday, November 24, 2014

Betoken - Beyond Redemption

Betoken is an interesting symphonic metal band from Italy. They feature an eight (!) person lineup and a sound that relies heavily on male vocals, yet with no growls. Already they're walking a couple lines that most of their peers might never touch on. Their is a certain sense of novelty, especially when a band has three full time vocalists like Betoken do. It leads to a layered sound with the ability to take on a distinctly different flavor for each verse. Their music is tightly polished and interesting to listen to, making Beyond Redemption a wonderful addition to the bands discography.

The inherently proggy elements of Betoken help to make them a little more interesting and create a serious musicians interest, but I think the band really gets going when they incorporate all three vocalists. They have a very distinct line up and when they use it to its full potential the band does some things I've never heard before. Any time that we are treated to a male/female duet I get goosebumps, it's a pity it doesn't happen more often. As is though, Betoken quickly prove their dominance as musicians and leave you begging for more. These guys have been at it for years and they really know how to craft a tight song to say the least.

When the songs really let the layers seep in and the vocal lines flourish, Betoken show that they are a truly special band. There is a lot of interesting stuff to dig in to here and this album is certainly worth a few listens. Betoken understand what symphonic is all about and their lush sounds will capture your imagination. Sure at times they seep into more traditional ideas, but as is, they've got so much cool stuff going on you can forgive a few slightly stagnant passages. A band with clear passion and dedication, Beyond Redemption has inspired me to check out the rest of this bands discography!

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