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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Twingiant - Devil Down

Twingiant is the kind of sludy and powerful rock band who use heavy vibes along with chunky grooves to put out something that gets to the heart of the listener and proves that this brand of riff driven rock and roll will never die. As I sit here, a couple of spins deep I'm realizing that this band is far more than just a rock band though. They communicate a whole vibe that is entirely their own, setting them in place as a truly great act. When you dig into their new record Devil Down there is no denying that they create a distinctly dark flavor that makes them particularly inspirational.

While the songs are primarily instrumental the touches of vocals that do come in here and there provide a tasty dose of true grit to the brutal realities painted by the music. As you get into the lush soundscapes with their rolling hills and distinctly interesting melodic lines you start to get an impression of a greater narrative. There is something inherently bombastic about the heaviest grooves on a song like Through the Motions as you shift from solo to solo, with a vaguely threatening riff simmering underneath all the while. Devil Down has clear and tasty flavors that come with every song, yet all fitting within a general atmosphere that defines the crucial vibe, making this band truly iconoclastic.

Digging into Devi l Down is an interesting journey, and while this isn't neccesarily a fun record, it's definitely a cool one to dog in too. It explores a slightly darker side of the human psyche and encourages the listener to examine him or herself. Twingiant are clearly very talented musicians, and as they get a better sense for their burgeoning talents I think they could go far. It may seem a bit alien at first, but the deeper you go down this rabbit hole, the farther you find it extends. So go forth, explore, and embrace the almighty magic of Devil Down

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