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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black April

It's been a surprisingly long time since I've reviewed a thrash metal band on here, and in many ways jamming some vile demo is a sort of homecoming for me. Today's band, Black April are a devastating thrash act who bring in more than a touch of old school death metal to their sound. Their are a lot of tasty grooves to be had on the bands new demo Lunitics. They are crafting songs that are ferocious and raw, and to a degree, the bare bones production actually helps, it keeps things vicious and fun. This is not a band who are to be messed with, they will crack your skull and force you into the pit. Black April understand what thrash metal is all about, so what if they infuse copious amounts of death metal madness to keep things bloody? It's still good, and no one with an ear for thrash will be complaining any time soon! Let these songs motivate you to dive into the pit and start ripping your opponents to shreds. This is what heavy metal is all about and by god is it good!

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