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Monday, November 3, 2014

Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Band - Black Power Flower

Napalm Records might actually be the greatest rock label in the world at this point. The latest evidence towards this beautiful reality is Black Power Flower the most recent release from Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Band. With ten tracks Bjork and his cohorts are able to unleash some of the most exciting riffs, pummeling grooves, and wonderfully triumphant vocals that have ever graced the realm of rock and roll. Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band get it, and there's no stopping them now.

I think that the primal sexual energy that defines a lot of this record helps to make it so exciting. While many of the songs are not explicit there is something deliciously brooding in the grooving vocals of Brant Bjork himself. These songs, while impacted by the 'desert rock' sound go far beyond that with psychedelic trips interrupting main lines, blood feasts, and even carburetor farts. What I'm trying to say is that while Bjork stays very much within the maxims of the nebulous term 'stoner rock' he's not really willing to acknowledge a whole lot of boundaries, and it seems to me that he's actually going so far as to willfully destroy many of the limits some might try to place on his tone

I think that simply put, the magic of Black Power Flower is that it's fun to listen too. In a world where a lot of rock and roll is pretentious and played out, Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Band are creating something simple, yet incredibly easy to fall in love with. These are songs that anyone with a taste for that rock and roll music can fall in love with, and if you want to boogie, then look no further. Brant Bjork gets it and that essential understanding of rock and roll has allowed his music to touch something fundamentally adolescent within all of us, and that, that is what makes this record so goddamn listenable.

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