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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Eastern European black metal always makes for a satisfying listen, there are some profound cultural differences their that makes music from that part of the world distinctly interesting to me. Iubaris are doing something rather exciting with their own new take on black metal madness. Their new record Code is the kind of thing that speaks to the frozen power of the genre, and as the winter gets colder, I' going to need more music like it. I think the most impressive part about the Iubaris sound is their use of folk instruments, it invokes the pagan magic of times forgot and reminds us of the power of the European ancients. These songs are unique and binding, they will take you to a part of the earth that many have forgot, and that makes the entire listening journey incredibly satisfying. In a year where black metal seems rather dormant I feel like this is the kind of thing that will keep us going forward. The Polish masterminds behind Iubaris seem to have a bright future ahead in this world of darkness. Go forth and join them.

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