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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fleshworld/Gazers/Viscera/// - Split

It's Thanksgiving in America and I am suffering from the most ungodly food coma. Imagine a hangover along with feelings of bloatedness and spontaneous patriotism, it's not pretty. So as I sit here nursing my aching head (and bulging gut) I'm trying to find it in me to reflect upon the otherworldly magic of the one of the most interesting splits to have hit my inbox in a good long while. Filled with beautiful songs of majestic heavy metal triumph, this split between Fleshworld, Gazers and Viscera/// has all sorts of unique twists and turns that make it worth many a spin.

Here's the thing about this record, though a variety of genres are represented in the individual sounds of the bands I think that it's easy to make a case that in fact these tracks are fairly interrelated. They all have the same ethereal touch that makes them a joy to listen too and a journey to explore. There is a clear sense of psychedelia that pervades throughout the album. Each of these bands seems to have a merely casual attachment to reality, as if listening for too long will make you leave your earthly body behind as you search into the astral plane. Fleshworld brings a rather reflective and epic sound to the table that will open your mind and have you searching beautiful soundscapes. Meanwhile, Gazers have a slightly more hardcore oriented style, but there is so much post music mixed in there that you have to acknowledge these guys are far more than a mere hardcore band. Finally, Viscera/// have a sound that ebbs and flows, delving into strange parts of the mind I wasn't entirely aware existed, they give the listener a wonderful sense of conclusion as this all levels out.

In the end, I still have a food coma, and this record is still really interesting. While tomorrow the effects of today's poor decision will (hopefully) have gone away, the spiritual experience that I got from listening to this record will not. This split is a journey and proves the eternal might that splits have. The fact that I won't get the chance to seem them put it all together at their upcoming show in Krakow leaves me very disappointed. Every band left me begging for more and I sincerely hope these acts decide to collaborate together in the future!

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