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Friday, November 28, 2014

Dead Gakkahs - Self titled

For this next review I'll be doing things a little differently: I going to be reviewing a slightly older release from this year to hopefully bring this local underground gem to your attention. This release is an EP/demo by Dead Gakkahs, a Female fronted Fastcore/Punk band hailing from Seoul, South Korea. The tracklist is comprised of 7 mindblowingly fast and energetic songs that add up to barely 7 minutes of runtime altogether (including 2 cover songs).

The bands' overall sound is very straightforward, sticking to lightning-fast old-school hardcore punk songs from the likes of Negative Approach and Minor threat. The band are not exactly reinventing the genre here, but they offer a very enjoyable and effective take on it, with simple but devastatingly effective riffs and grooves played at a thousand miles per hour.
One of the highlights of the bands'sound would definitely be the 2 frontwomens' incredible vocals. The 2 vocalist are yelling at the top of their lungs with an amazing amount of raw energy and intensity, with an incredibly catchy vocal flow that really helps each song in standing out from one another.
While extremely intense from start to finish, the band does manage to prevent each song from sounding like the next. Every song on here has a distinguishable intro riff and has enough variation to maintain a sufficient level of diversity.
The mix isn't as loud and agressive as what we're used to in the fastcore/hardcore punk genre today, but it is also much clearer. The instruments are recorded in a clean way that makes every note decipherable and everything has some proper space in the mix. This approach to mixing, while rather unorthodox for a release with incredibly intense songs, actually helps to showcase the bands' real potential. The band does not rely on a brickwalled, "in your face" type of production to deliver heavy songs. Rest assured, the recordings, while very clean, also retain a level rawness to them, with little to no effects added to the intruments and vocals.

In short, this extremely short yet catchy release is sure to be stuck on repeat on the music player of any of you potential fans out there looking to check out some new exciting sounds from the internationnal punk scene. Relying solely on their talent as musicians and songwriters, Dead Gakkahs have put out a solid collection of songs that give us a good reason to be excited for the bands' future.


Be sure to like them and show them some love on their facebook page.
You can listen to this release on their bandcamp and buy it for only 3$.
Also, be sure to check out their impressive live performances on Youtube.

Dead Gakkahs



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