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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ghost Brigade - IV - One With The Storm

Season of Mist have been putting out some truly beautiful releases lately and I like it! The latest in this triumphant series is the extremely intricate and magical IV - One With The Storm from Finnish masters, Ghost Brigade. This is a record that reeks of melancholy and has a wonderful sense of despair that I think proves how far the band have come. This album touches the heart with its mournful guitar lines, powerful vocals, and songwriting that is simply to die for. One With The Storm is Ghost Brigades best record yet.

I think ultimately what makes One With The Storm so special is that beyond the sadness and heart wrenching despair that defines the record there seems to be a message of hope. The album closer Elama On Tulta is the perfect example of this with hints at a major key progression seeping through and showing us that Ghost Brigade want us to see the light beyond the incredible incurable sadness that seems to define so much of their music. One With The Storm is a deeply satisfying record because it plumbs the darkest part of the psyche and then comes out making you feel better, and ultimately, more alive.

These songs are masterpieces of modern metal songwriting and anyone who has any connection with heavy music will be able to find something within it that resonates with them. Ghost Brigade have lon been a truly special band and I think that this record simply confirms their greatness. This is definitive proof that these guys belong in the pantheon of metal gods, and they are slowly climbing the ladder to get their. One With The Storm is the kind of record that will blow your mind, so go out and get listening!

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