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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blind Spite

Extinction Event cover art

Blackened death metal is an often stale genre, so when a band comes out who are doing something different and exciting I'm always interested. Blind Spite have created something that is rather unorthodox, veering from the norm and showing me that the genre still has a lot of cool things going on. I'm not sure how to describe the music other than by saying that they use death metal riffs (although black metal bits occasionally sneak in), but somehow contrive it such that the entire affair gives off a distinctly black metal vibe. I think a lot of it is due to the vocals which are not afraid to delve into some of the most evil and demented black metal shrieks I have heard in a good long while. There is a distinct sense of evil in the music is incredibly satisfying, and the overall noisiness of the Blind Spite sound is extremely satisfying. Their new record, the almighty, and slightly terrifying Extinction Event proves that these guys have a really cool approach to a genre most have cast aside. Blind Spite will continue on no matter what, the raw and primitive darkness of their sound is set to infect eardrums across the globe!

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