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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Live Burial

Live Burial cover art

For years I've been enamored with the primal power that death metal demos can have, blast beats, grinding guitars and unholy vocals and stripped back songwriting create a truly magical sound. Yet these days very few bands get the primitive energy that made the old guard so good. Live Burial seem to have taken no issue with this, and in fact their bone crunching riffs seem to have been ripped straight out of the 80s. Their is a wonderful sense of doom that permeates their music too, it reminds me quite a bit of bands like Asphyx. I also really dig the sense of chaos in the solos on songs like the self titled track , Live Burial. They have a degree of technicality and don't go into Kerry King style madness but they still seem a bit demented. Their are some really powerful guitarmonies that accent a lot of the music here too, it gives everything a much grander vibe and emphasizes the glory of this dark genre. Death metal freaks the world over, go forth and listen to Live Burial, their very existence proves that the underground will never die!

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