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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monster Magnet - Milking the Stars

So here's a unique project from the geniuses behind Monster Magnet, a re-imagined version of their classic record Last Patrol. Now, I've never really heard of anything like this, this isn't a remaster but more of a total remake. The riffs are largely the same, but they are taken into exciting new directions, allowing the music to grow in a more natural way. I think the heart of the matter is that the band wasn't totally satisfied with this record and wanted to expand it into something greater, and now it's their. With an exciting 1960's vibe, Milking the Stars sees the band taking their sound to a whole new level.

I think a part of what makes this album so satisfying for me is the bands ability to take songs that I am very familiar with and then re-engineer them into a totally cool and unique new soundscape. When you listen to a redone track like Mindles Ones '68 it nags on the back of your mind and opens you up to a strange new world of possibilities. These guys are making music that is truly exciting and are not afraid to go back and make the old stuff even better. What better treat could a fan imagine then getting a new record from one of their favorite bands, and then a year later an extremely different version of that same album? Milking the Stars takes you on a profound journey into the very hearts of the band.

Ultimately I think that the beauty of Milking the Stars is that it is essentially more poignant than Last Patrol could ever have been, as good as it was. When the band lets the Hawkwind influence shine through Monster Magnet somehow take on an additional element. They become mystical and exciting. The seven and a half minute long opening track Let The Circus Burn is a perfect example of this, a new track that sets up the listener for a wonderful journey. Monster Magnet are breaking the rules and doing something truly exciting so prepare yourself for the chaos and dig in!

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