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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Shameful

Hollow cover art

I'll be honest, I'm a doom metal nerd, this is how I've always been. I love slow trudging guitars, crushing harmonies and rhythms that are simply desperate. There's a lot of bands that have been doing this kind of stuff lately, but few do it as well as My Shameful do. Unafraid to bring in touches of black and death metal into a Saturnus inspired sound, their new record Hollow is a beautiful threnody reflecting on the broken state of mankind. There is a wonderful and sublime sense of darkness on Hollow that is accented by the atmospheric keys and twisted vocals. It will capture your entire body and force it into a sort of unholy motion. The distinctly disturbing and wholly beautiful nature of the band will capture your imagination and force you to your knees, genuflecting in awe of a band who seem unafraid in the face of a world of adversity. This is torturous and heart wrenching doom metal and by God do I love it. My Shameful know where it's at, and they will slowly hack you to pieces.

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