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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coprocephalic - The Oath of Relinquishment

Coprocephalic are a grinding death metal band who are actually far more intelligent than you might originally think. Though at first the chunky riffs and blasting drums might make you think that these guys are just another group of noise making deviants, they are in fact so much more than that. From the cover art alone, it's possible to tell that The Oath of Relinquishment is not just another deathgrind record. In fact, one could even say that it's hinting at a new future for a long stagnant genre and proving that there are still cool things to be done within the genres confines.

What really sets the group apart is their occasional use of synths. Though the the hyper speed guitars and guttural vocals dominate the album the occasional touches of synth add an eerie aura that help the album to have a much deeper emotional effect. On top of that, a lot of the lyrics are a notch above your average deathgrind fare. Rather than odes to gore, Coprocephalic features song titles like Oracles from the Netherrealm and Retunding our Humanity. Sure there are more standard issue deathgrind songs on this record, but they hardly represent the majority, and show that the band still hasn't fully been able to transcend deathgrind roots. The future seems bright nevertheless.

Simply put The Oath of Relinquishment captures the imagination and gets me thinking about the kind of madness that this band could get up to on their next record. This album hints at some really cool things to come and I get the impression they are only going to get better. With thousands of Facebook fans the word has already started to spread about these modern masters. Now let's see what happens when the pit opens up and they are given free reign. Coprocephalic is a great and mighty act, soon they will be stomping heads in across the globe.

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